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Photo "Open Studio"

Open house/reopening of the CHAW darkroom, to celebrate the clean new space and to publicize the photo workspace residency. Artwork from the darkroom community on the photo studio walls, a mini-exhibit of the work that people do there A "yard sale" of equipment from the darkroom that we could sell, mostly camera lenses

Snacks and/or drinks, Information on the upcoming classes, and workshops Teachers will give a brief on their classes and/or work.

We Happy Few Productions presents "Henry V"

We Happy Few Productions presents "Henry V" directed by Kerry McGee

The history books are filled with glamorous stories of war: brave leaders, glorious victories, underdog successes. But when you look at it through the eyes of an individual soldier, it's something else entirely: a job, an obligation, a way out, a burden, a death sentence, a mistake. You know Henry's story, now hear everyone else's.