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Phaeton by Michael Milligan

Who are you? Where do you come from? What are you driving toward? Do you understand your ideals? Do you fear your ideals? Do you fear liberation? How far would you go to renew the world?

Phaeton explores the distance between who we are, who we think we are, and who we can be. In this space lies the conflict  the inescapable and universal struggle  between the mundane and the divine, between complacency and hope, between fear and action.

Featuring Taffety Punk company members Dan Crane and Kimberly Gilbert, with James Flanagan as Phaeton, and guest artists Terence Aselford, Audrey Bertaux, Joe Brack, Julia Brandeberry, Karin Rosnizeck, Dawn Thomas, and Eva Wilhelm. Choreography by Kelly King. Music by Josh Taylor. Directed by Marcus Kyd.