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Black Box

Don't forget to bring your CHAW theatre program to Ambar on 8th Street to enjoy 10% off your meal after the show!

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CHAW’s theater also hosts a range of performances, recitals, lectures, rehearsals and classes.   This 55-seat black box features lighting, sound, projection, backstage storage, and is available for rental



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Henry V

"There is none of you so mean and base that hath not noble lustre in your eyes."

The history books are filled with glamorous stories of war: brave leaders, glorious victories, underdog successes.  But in a time when we are becoming increasingly disenchanted with our leaders, We Happy Few wants to hear another side of the story.  When you look at war through the eyes of an soldier, it's something else entirely: a job, an obligation, an opportunity, a burden, a death sentence, a mistake.

You know Henry's story, now hear everyone else's.


Josh Adams, Wyckham Avery, 

Riley Bartlebaugh, Raven Bonniwell, 

Natasha Gallop, Kiernan McGowan,

Niusha Nawab, Robert Pike


Kerry McGee


Jason Aufdem-Brinke (lighting)

Lorraine Ressegger-Slone (fights/movement)

Arnel Sancianco (set and visual design)

Robert Pike (sound)

Liz Gossens (costumes)

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Taffety Punk Presents: Mercy Killers and Taffety Punk Presents: Side Effects

Two no-punches-pulled shows that take the American health care system head-on. Written and performed by Michael Milligan.

Opening in May.
More info coming soon.

“Exceptional. In our ever present day of political discourse, finger pointing, and profitable racket over healthcare, Milligan manages to strip down the arguments by humanizing them to a frustrating, but immensely profound degree.” — Manhattan Digest