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Paint Bucket Campaign

Paint Bucket Events

Kick Off Event @ Dacha Beer Garden- May 2nd

Acqua al 2- Dine out for CHAW- May 11th

Do More 24- June 8th

45th Birthday Party/Festival- June 10th

Lavagna- Dine out for CHAW- Wednesdays in July

Cycle Bar ride and Wunder Garten- Sunday, July 9th

Art's and Craft Beer- Saturday, July 15th

The Brig Event- Sunday, July 23rd

String Fling Recital, Registration Party, and Zora & Amelia Pop-Up Shop- Saturday, August 19


The United Way Campaign (Designate #8618)
The Combined Federal Campaign (Designate #71262)
World Bank Community Connections Fund

CHAW has been selected three times by the Catalogue for Philanthropy (most recently for 2014-2015) as "one of the best small charities in the Greater Washington region.



Dear Friend of CHAW,

This is how every semester begins for young people who take a class at CHAW--spoken out loud in unison with their peers:


Young Artist Pledge

I respect myself.
I honor my artwork and am thoughtful in my actions.
I cheer on the creativity in others.
I listen.
I share, and I care for the people and space around me.
I am creative and
I AM CHAWsome!!

These words are our motivation for the Paint Bucket Campaign, and our ambitious goal: $70,000 in 70 days for tuition assistance.  Because we make a promise, too: that everyone, regardless of means, should be able to access great arts experiences.

We need you now, more than ever, to step up: join us in sending the message--loudly and clearly--that the arts matter.  We can’t do it without you.  We are asking you to consider how the arts have made an impact on your life, the life of your family, the vibrancy of your community--and invest in that.  A donation of any size makes a real and immediate difference at CHAW.  It’s a difference you can see and measure:

  • $25 = 1.5 hours of after-school arts instruction
  • $50 = 1 hour piano lesson for a student who can’t afford tuition
  • $100 = 1 month of gas so the CHAW vans can pick kids up for after-school programming
  • $250 = 2 weeks of art supplies for all after-school classes
  • $500 = Allows us to pay a teaching artist for a full off-site project, bringing the arts into community spaces for underserved youth
  • $1000 = 2 weeks of full-day summer camp for one student with before- and after-care
  • $2500 = 4 days of after-school arts with van service for one student for a full semester

The reality is that revenue from our classes only covers about 60% of our operating expenses, and, as you are probably well aware, government funding for the arts is in a tenuous spot.  It is on all of us--if we believe that access to the arts is an imperative, and not just a nice-to-have--to make it a priority to donate locally to allow for every student who needs art to attend. Your support for the Paint Bucket Campaign goes straight back out to benefit students all over the District: talk about doubling down on impact.

Did you know that the benefits of the arts are even more pronounced for students from low-socioeconomic backgrounds, but that they receive less arts instruction than their peers?  For 45 years, CHAW has been working to correct that balance through our robust tuition assistance program: providing opportunities for all students to participate in the arts, including students who have been pushed beyond the traditional boundaries of our neighborhood.  From picking up kids currently living at the DC General Homeless Shelter for afterschool programming and summer camp, to taking mural projects to teens residing there, to working with a variety of area schools to provide essential services in the arts, we are committed to direct action to bridge the gaps in arts access that exist in our city.  We have never turned a student away for inability to pay for an arts class--and we don’t intend to start now.  

Your donation makes tuition assistance at CHAW possible.  Donating is easy and you have options!

  • Call us at 202-547-6839 or stop by the front desk

  • Engage with Matching/Workplace Giving: CFC #71262 and United Way #8618

Let’s put the power of the purse to work, right where it belongs: here in DC, making confidence, creativity, and community a part of every child’s week through our programming at CHAW.  

Thank you for believing in the power of having CHAWs in the world, and for all you do to animate our mission through your own creativity and community-building every day.


With much gratitude,

Hannah Jacobson Blumenfeld & Amy Moore

Co-Executive Directors

P.S. Consider becoming a CHAWstar with a monthly donation to provide sustainable access to excellent arts experiences throughout the year.  Your gift puts us one step closer to our Paint Bucket goal of $70,000 for tuition assistance!