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We Happy Few Productions presents "CHALK"

At its simplest, CHALK is a story of motherhood. A wise judge draws a chalk circle on the ground to determine the true mother of a contested child. However, it's also a story about revolution and rebellion. It's about the choices we are forced to make for ourselves, for our families and for the causes we believe in. It's about the working class and the wealthy, justice and family, duty and survival. In an ever-changing world where nothing is black and white, how can we judge what's right?

Staged Reading of Thomas Geoghegan’s play MONTICELLO

Monticello has its premise in a historical fact: Thomas Jefferson did invite students from the University of Virginia to dine with him at Monticello. In 1826, the last year of Jefferson's life, Edgar Allan Poe enrolled at the university. What might have happened in an encounter between Jefferson and Poe? Geoghegan’s play – set on July 2, 1826, which was two days before the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence – offers an answer.

Kokedama Workshop

Join us for Mimoza Design's Kokedama Workshop!  With its roots in the Japanese Bonsai tradition, Kokedama (“Koke” =Moss “Dama” = Ball) is a really intriguing way to grow and display many different types of plants. Instead of the traditional shallow dish, Kokedama have their roots enclosed in a beautiful moss form. It has been called “poor man’s bonsai” in the past. Traditionally, the Kokedama would be displayed in a shallow dish.