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April 1, 2021

I am enjoying helping others on global levels using the modality of Art during this time of OPPORTUNITY!

Intelluct Heals Ancient Wisdom Consequences II

I was born in Washington, DC during the 60s and have lived in the area all my life.  I am grateful for the “best of both worlds” as I like to call it which included access to the Nation’s Capital and beautiful... more

March 15, 2021

We’re so thrilled to begin a new CHAW feature, Donors Make A Difference. CHAW has always been rooted in the support of the community, and every single person who walks through the doors contributes to that support. This feature will focus on the stories and connections of CHAW champions who contribute so deeply to the sustainability of CHAW, and our ability to... more

March 1, 2021

I grew up in a musical and artistic family. Mom was a piano performance major and I remember her playing for us after dinner on the Steinway baby grand she inherited from her grandmother. She had my brother, sister and me take at least a year of piano lesson so we could learn the basics of music. I hung on for 3 years. As a kid I didn’t have enough extrinsic motivators... more

February 22, 2021

In honor of Black History Month, CHAW featured a new, amazing artist daily on social media whose mark and influence on the arts is unparalleled. Our appreciation goes beyond this one month and we encourage you to join us in celebrating Black artists all year round.

1. Kicking off our daily celebration is superstar Cicely Tyson, actress and model extraordinaire... more

February 2, 2021
Eye of Neptune Mission Innerspace Temptation Limelight

CHAW welcomes Khadija Jahmila for its February Inside the Artist’s Studio, a monthly virtual residency series that offers insight into an artists influences, processes, and materials. Khadija is a Maryland-based surrealist collage artist best known for... more

February 1, 2021

Making art is now a big part of my life, but for years it simmered on the back burner. As a child I loved to draw and work with clay. In college I chose safe majors (economics and international relations), but I also took art history and photography classes, including darkroom technique. A passion for photography blossomed during graduate school in Italy and the urban... more

January 1, 2021

My art journey is a twisted one. I grew up in Prague, Czech Republic, and while I don’t recall a single visit to an art gallery in my early childhood, my family has always been creative. It just took the form of gardening, cooking, and chatting around the table. A stint at a local economics university did not work out and I moved to the US as an au pair for a family in... more

December 1, 2020

I first discovered art when I was 5 years old and I immediately enjoyed expressing myself by drawing and coloring. Over the years, creating art has been one of the greatest joys in my life. My interest led me to study Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. Some of my paintings are in private collections here in the US and abroad. I was also fortunate to... more

November 26, 2020

Dear Friends,

It’s not possible to look back on the dramatic turns of the past year and for all the obvious reasons not feel changed. The impact of strained relationships, thwarted plans, and  overwhelming loss plays out on all our lives in ways big and small every day, often making the path forward elusive. That said, knowing what we know now, going back to... more

November 1, 2020

I am a native Washingtonian who enjoys creating abstract paintings of the natural world around us. Inspiration for my work comes from my travels to all seven continents. Being in nature provides a sense of comfort to me. I like to observe the patterns, shadows and colors in nature, then abstract these patterns to convey the underlying essence of the geology,... more