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Blog - CHAW Beyond the Walls

October 7, 2018

We are excited to feature the words and works of Gregg Adams this month. Gregg's childhood habit has helped to shape his art and his love for photography. Thanks Gregg for sharing your fabulousness with us this month!

I have a somewhat peculiar habit. For years now, since I was a kid, I would find and bring random objects from places such as the corner curbside... more

September 3, 2018

This month, we welcome the words and work of painter Ken Bachman. Ken's travels have inspired and influenced his art, and his desire to seek out new subjects keeps his paintings fresh and different. Welcome Ken and thank you for sharing your #CHAWsomeness with us.

I grew up both in this area and Paris France, and have traveled extensively throughout my life.... more

August 1, 2018

Welcome to our August Mind of the Artist featuring Jane Mann.  Jane's international travels inspired her journey of photography through several different techniques and mediums. Her insight into her art and expression are #CHAWsome and we can't wait for you to read more!

I was born in Canton, Ohio, to a family who used the camera to document family life and... more

July 9, 2018

Short, sweet, and to the point. CHAL Artist of the Month, Charles Martin, gives us the bullet points to his life as an artist. His works of art exemplify his attention to direct observation and realism as one sees it. Charles, thank you for sharing your work, life, and story with us!

I was born and raised in a small Long... more

June 1, 2018

Introducing the Capitol Hill Art League, June Mind of the Artist: Meera Rao! Meera's story is told through her etheral and colorful paintings, sketches, and photographs. Her journey to becoming an artist is a delight to read about and sparks within a moment of our own inner artist- remembering "the vital expression of self!" We hope you enjoy... more

April 30, 2018

For my last “Lens”, I wanted to reflect on how interning at CHAW and becoming part of the community here has supported my artistic and professional development in so many ways.

What attracted me to CHAW initially was a desire to learn more about the classes they offered. And while I did get to know more about their amazing programming, I was also able to gain a... more

April 19, 2018

Brian Truesdale's development as an abstract artist is genuinely portrayed in this month's Mind of the Artist. Brian opens up about his technique, process, and animalistic need to create- giving additional context to his paintings (even though they may speak for themselves) and allowing us as an audience, a glimpse into the root of all that passion! Please enjoy, as... more

April 3, 2018

Capitol Hill Arts League Presents: April Mind of the Artist, Karin Edgett

Exploring the organic circular form is infinite in its expression. One could paint cycles of life, drops of water in a pond, fish eyes, recycled thoughts, halos, planets, moons and stars, or paint the feeling of wandering in circles while lost in the woods. The circle contains the story of... more

April 3, 2018
Khailynn's Lens: Second Month at CHAW

You've read the title right, I have officially been at CHAW for 2 months now....and it's been AWESOME! I love coming in and seeing the quirky, fun crew behind the front desk that make CHAW a great place. Aside from my cool coworkers, another great thing I've come to enjoy from working here at CHAW are the different artists and... more

March 7, 2018

Capitol Hill Art League (CHAL) Artist of the Month, Jonathan Weiner, transports us just outside the city- revealing the beauty of a place not so far away yet easliy overlooked...

Washington is a transient city and, although it seems rare, I was raised in Washington and later lived in one of the surrounding counties.

I studied photography and art... more