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(Embellished Neighbor) By Carolina Mayorga


A & 7th St. SE (Acrylic)

Biography Carolina Mayorga
Visual Artist

Carolina Mayorga is a Colombian-born and naturalized American interdisciplinary artist who has exhibited her work nationally and internationally for the last 20 years. Her work is part of national and international collections and has been reviewed in publications in South America, Europe and the US. Mayorga’s artwork addresses issues of social and political content. Comments on migration, war, identity, translate into video, performance, site-specific installations, and Two-dimensional media in the form of photography and drawing. The artist lives and works in Washington, DC. For more information visit:

What do you hope viewers get out of the project/your work?
I am hoping to bring happiness and amusement to the Capitol Hill community, a neighborhood I’ve been attached to for almost two decades.

Can you share a few words about this project?
This is my 2nd sculpture for the Capitol Hill Alphabet Animal Art Project and a continuation of my fascination with insects, their anatomy, behaviors and habitats. Both sculptures have been consistent in their style, mostly influenced by 16 years of teaching at the Youth Arts Program of Capitol Hill Arts Workshop.

For my second installment of the project, an ant sculpture to be installed at the corner of A and 7th Street, SE, I incorporated the color pink, a conceptual and aesthetic element that has been part of my work for the last 6 years. For this particular project, made out of high gloss pink acrylic, I intend to share my artistic vision with the neighborhood and exalt the beauty of this miniscule yet relevant creature.

When did you start to work as an artist? What inspired you or drove you to follow this path? If you did something else before, what was that? How did you make the decision to change paths?
I developed a love for the visual arts since I was a child. I’ve always loved drawing and creating. That turned into my decision to pursue an art career that started formally 25 years ago as an undergraduate student in Colombia followed by graduate studies at the University of Kansas where I obtained a MFA degree in Sculpture.

What is your favorite part of the artistic process in general?
Being creative and able to deliver important messages through different art media and always exploring different and new ways to connect with the audience.

What is the most challenging part of the artistic process for you?
I am a very privileged artist as I have always been able to focus on my art. However, finding financial stability is one of the biggest challenges for most visual artists including myself. In my experience difficult situations have pushed my creativity and taught me ways to follow my passion and love for what I do.

What are some of the inspirations for your art? What drives you to create?
My work is inspired by observations of my surroundings, daily life, studies of current social issues, historical events, childhood memories and most important my bi-cultural experience as a Colombian/American citizen and a Washington, DC resident for 16 years.

What is one thing you’ve seen recently that really sparked your artistic practice?
New and recent events have always been a very important source of inspiration. Definitely our current situation is challenging my creative mind and encouraging exploration of different ways to share my perspective with the audience. In fact, I am in the process of creating a virtual interactive performance art series about my impressions of our present situation.

What might surprise people about the work of being an artist? Is there anything you’d want people to know?
Art is unpredictable, fun and hard at the same time.

What is it like being an artist right now in the current state of our world?
My career has given me the opportunity of sharing my vision about important social and political issues with my own community, the city and places around the world. As a visual artist and active member of society I’ve always felt the responsibility of addressing common concerns and pressing matters. In the current situation I feel the need to connect even more with the audience and offer an artistic perspective of aesthetic value to the public.

What does art mean to you?
Art has determined and defined my life from the beginning to my present.

Anything else you’d like to share about your creative process, art, or anything else?
I am very thankful for being able to follow my dreams and passion and having the opportunity of working in this amazing project.

Just to finish I have one piece of advice: If you are thinking of becoming an artist or pursuing an art career, please go for it, you’ll find a way!

Capitol Hill Alphabet Animal Art Project