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Penguin By Evan Reed


Potomac & K St. SE (Cardboard, epoxy resin, paint and aluminum)

Evan Reed is a Virginia based artist who creates work in a variety of mediums. His artwork has been displayed nationally in solo and group exhibitions. Reed received his BFA from the Corcoran School of Art.

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I was interested in participating in the Alphabet Animals project, both the first and this current, because I enjoy challenging myself to create sculptural work that is divergent from where I’m presently focused as an artist. The projects offered me a refreshing chance to explore ideas and experiment with forms and processes that I had not considered as a direction to take.

Although there are numerous animals I could have chosen, puma, peregrine falcon, porpoise, pterodactyl, I selected the penguin as the animal for the Potomac and K St. intersection for several reasons. In my view penguins are complex creatures, comical and mysterious. They amusingly waddle around and instead of flying they swim. On land their actions and anthropomorphic qualities make them relatable to me. Overall they seemed to be a good candidate for a public sculpture and the right fit for a neighborhood intersection with pedestrian traffic.

Capitol Hill Alphabet Animal Art Project