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Turtle By the team of Breon Gilleran and Mimi Frank


F St. Terrace SE (Powder coated aluminum)

The Maryland based artist team of Breon Gilleran and Mimi Frank met a while back over a crucible of molten bronze; but in joining forces to make work for the Capital Hill Artist Workshop, a friendship grew from a shared vision into a true collaborative undertaking. As sculptors of “a certain age” they have each enjoyed exemplary careers, including teaching in a variety of settings and participating in collaborative exhibitions. Their combined experience and comfort with sculptural materials allows them to bring sentinel projects to life in both urban and rural settings.

Learn more about Breon and Mimi below!

What do you hope viewers get out of the project/your work?
Making work for The Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, Alphabet Animals Project is a great opportunity to contribute humor, fun and whimsy to the cityscape. Our collaborative process was also lighthearted, and we hope our intention is apparent to the viewer; we wanted to have fun with our design.

Can you share a few words about what drew you to this project?
The Capitol Hill Arts Workshop has a reputation for bringing art to the community, and our team is passionate about that. We have worked individually for years. Each of us has experience in metal arts, fine art sculpture, drawing and myriad associated skills required for making sculpture in today’s tech crazy world. Weight and wind limitations presented unexpected challenges. We initially focused on forged and cast elements, but soon realized that our original designs would be too heavy. Abandoning our original plan ended up allowing more freedom to expand our color palette and technical knowledge base. It was fun to explore new materials and use a fresh approach to complete our project.

While both of us have experience with commissions and have portfolios of work engaged with contemporary issues, our approach for this project was to create simple sculptures in glittery colors often seen on souped-up roadsters or amusement parks, our “Bunny” and “Turtle” figures are recognizable icons.

Working as a team has been an energizing experience. Working on the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop Alphabet project has been a blast.

We’d love to share more about our work through our websites:
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Capitol Hill Alphabet Animal Art Project