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End of Year Campaign

CHAW is eligible for contributions from:

The United Way Campaign (Designate #8618)
The Combined Federal Campaign (Designate #71262)
World Bank Community Connections Funds

Donate to the End of Year 2017 Campaign, and help us create a space where everyone is welcome, and everyone has access to great arts experiences.

Our STory:

A moment most of us will never forget occurred last winter, when so many people felt destabilized by the many events swirling around us. A class of young ceramicists was working in the studio, and one of the students noticed a spider. This revelation opened into a discussion, led by these 5-8 year olds, of their fears. For one student, it was the spider. For another, it was that her parents would be deported. The most amazing thing to witness was the rallying support, lack of judgment, and total openness of these students to any and all fears. The genuine compassion of some of the youngest members of our community reminds us that providing an open space for people to be vulnerable with each other and to express their inner truths is what we are really here for. It is what art is here for.

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Many thanks to our CHAWsome End of Year 2016 donors!  

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