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Friday ARTnight: Circus District Juggle Jam!

Throw caution to the weekend and conquer the thrilling challenge of juggling with veteran juggler Christian Kloc. This workshop begins with a short demo, moves into some goofy warm-ups, then puts juggling props in your hands and offers pro tips to jump-start your newfound circus habit. After practicing controlled chaos, put on a show with your fellow jugglers and get the 'big top' applause you deserve! 

Taffety Punk Preview of: She Rode Horses Like the Stock Exchange

Pay what you can Preview at 7:30pm: In a nice New England park, in a nice New England city, two nice New England couples try very, very hard to be nice to each other, while the world around them falls apart. An absurdly funny and terrifying ride through downsized, foreclosed America. She Rode Horses Like the Stock Exchangeby Amelia Roperdirected by Kelsey MesaFeaturing company members Dan Crane and Tonya Beckman