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The Girl Child Project

Light Switch Dance Theatre will present The Girl Child Project featuring Rebollar Dance Cyborg Suites on February 11, 2017 at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop starting with exhibition at 5:30pm and performance at 6pm. This multi-disciplinary work, conceived by founder and artistic director Sandra Atkinson, features performance art piece and choreography by Atkinson and work by Erica Rebollar. This is an interactive piece with where the audience will have the chance to flow through the space at CHAW (Gallery, Art Studio, and Dance Studio) to experience the work (accessible seating will be provided in each performance space).
The Girl Child Project is a multi-disciplinary project created by Sandra C. Atkinson (Founder/Artistic Director) that raises awareness and aims to charge the community to take action in the fight against violence towards women and children. Through our artistic lens we encourage the audience to connect with the issue beyond the presentation. Through visual art, dance, and film we strive to expose violence against women and children as a daily inhumanity that affects us all. Through this performance, we aim to engage with our audience in a discussion about art as a humanitarian effort on this lingering and complex issue.
LSDT will be joined by special guests Rebollar Dance. Erica Rebollar, Artistic Director for Rebollar Dance, presents excerpts of Cyborg Suites is a work that imagines post-humanism with dancing cyborgs. Inspired by Donna Haraway’s “Cyborg Manifesto”, Cyborg Suites examines movement boundaries between machine and human, autonomic and sensory, internal and external. With an original sound score from DC composer Jeffrey Dorfman and 4 women dancers, Rebollar highlights physicality in its visceral and mechanical aspects, while challenging ideas of performance and identity within public/private spaces.

February 11, 2017
Pre-performance and exhibition at 5:30pm
Performance at 6:00pm

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