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"Granola Park Radio LIVE!" - Coil Project

Granola Park Radio LIVE!

October 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th


Capitol Hill Arts Workshop

545 7th St SE Washington DC 20003

Tickets: $20 -- Click HERE!

Jess and Sam and Rowan and Almonds and Redbelt and more!

The Coil has been doing radio plays for 3 years now, many of them featuring the fictional town of Granola Park and the oddballs who run its small community FM station, Granola Park Radio. Now we're bringing you those characters to a live stage show, because the only thing more hipster than live theater and old timey radio is combining the two.

Come on down to see the Granola Park Radio pledge drive! See local talk radio celebrities Jess and Sam barely keep their act together as the station falls apart around them! Watch Rowan the intern pretty much screw everything up!
Also, there is an entire talk radio show about almonds for some reason!

Featuring: Leanne Dinverno, Rebecca Fischler, Jimmy Heyworth, Erik Harrison, Stacey Kruml, Patrick Mullen, Michael Reilly and Erica Smith.

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