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"War Virgin" presented by Showcase Arts Foundation

Have you ever wondered what really goes on during war, especially for women? Laura Westley, Florida native, West Point graduate, former Army Captain and Iraq War Veteran, has created a musical comedy show that answers the question, “What happens when an attractive, naïve, virginal, young female Army soldier deploys to war with thousands of eager, testosterone-laden, men?”
This hilarious musical comedy production chronicles the true life story of Laura’s militarily influenced coming-of-age, starting with her fundamental Christian upbringing in a small Florida town to her acceptance to West Point, graduating just in time to participate in the Invasion of Iraq. War, ironically, catalyzed her own sexual liberation, after being religiously repressed for her entire life.
War Virgin is one woman’s funny, touching and poignant true story of triumph and redemption over the overwhelming need and demands of others to be perfect that so many women face.

Laura is also releasing her memoir titled, War Virgin and will be signing books after the show. She is devoted to teaching the public about the often overlooked, human and funny sides to serving in the military. She hopes her story of liberation will inspire everyone to embark on their own journeys of liberation.

Cost: $50 per ticket

Tickets can be purchased online through: Eventbrite

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