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Thank you to all our generous funders and donors for their gracious support!

This list reflects donations made between July 1, 2019 - October 10, 2019 and is updated quarterly. If you find an error in your listing, we sincerely apologize and ask that you please let us know so we can fix it.

Foundations and GrantsCongressional for Giving

Corporate and Community Sponsors Peter Grimm, Realtor - The Smith Team
Good Food LLC - Lavagna
The Law Offices of James M. Loots PC
Acqua al 2
Coldwell Banker Residential Broker, Capitol Hill
Fulcrum Properties Group
Joel Nelson Group
GN Architects
Tech Painting Company, Inc.
Ginko Gardens
Johnson Law Group
The Smith Team Realtors
Don Denton Coldwell Baker Residential Brokerage, Capitol Hill
Phil, Jeanne & Meg – Compass Real Estate
Frame of Mine
William Phillips Financial Services

Legacy Circle $5000+Patrick Crowley
David Lenter and Amanda Moniz
Daniel and Rachel Kanter
Kim and Evan Langenhahn
Edward (Ted) Coltman in honor of Helen W. Carey and J. Wade Carey
Stanton Jones

Leadership Circle $2500-4999 Jenny and Eric Werwa

Muse $1000 - 2499
Taka Ariga and Jeremy Ames
Heidi Charpentier
Elizabeth Carriger Erwin and Peter Erwin
Michael Freeman
Gloria Grandolini
Herrin Hopper
Samantha Grunberg
Patricia Jackson
Cynthia Jarrin and John Harrop
Jane Hoffman and Jill Strachan
Wan Lee and Patrick Gleason
David Lenter
Leslie and Kareem Mansour
Rick Maury
Beth McHugh
Sue and Mike Moore
Rindy O'Brien
Paris Singer
Gene Smith
Ann Richards
Ed Wood

Pillar $250 - $999
Thomas Arrasmith III
M Barbara Conticelli
Maria Conticelli
Colleen Jolly
Kathryn Lenter
Amelia McCarthy
Mary Procter
David Savageau
Deirdre Shanley
Linn Swanson
Geetha Waehrer

Patron $100-249
Sarah Batcheler & David Baime
Margaret Bartelme
Bruce Brennan
Rose Ann Cleveland
Mark Collins
Louise Crane
Brandon Frankel
Michael Freeman
Susan Harper
Lauren Harper
Stephen Heller
Herrin Hopper
Mike Kernish
Dorothy Levy
Susan Longstreet
Deanne and Lisa Madsen
Rick Mauery
John McCarthy
Andrew McGuire
Judith Metro
Laurence Pearl
David Pugach
Ann Richards
Bengal Richter
Molly Singer
Beth Skirkanich
Cena M Smith
James E Snight
Lindsay Summers
Lemuel Thornton
Gretchen Toles
Rachel Usdan
Edward Wood
Leah Woodruff

Sustainer $50 - 99
Bruce Brennan
Sarah Christianson
Anne Eigeman
Sandy Guttman
James Hamerski
Phyllis Hecht
Lawrence Hyman
Courtney Kieba
Audrey Koecher
Oliver La Via
Marlene Levy
Noreen Lyday
Linda McKnight
Dorothy & Bill McSweeny
Anne Mennen
Rindy O'Brien
Greta Peisch
Patricia Rasser
Chris Rieth
Gregory Robison
Joanne Rothwell
Alyson Silva
Colin Silver
Georgia Stockdale
Tait Sye
Audrey Walbridge
Dianna Walsh
Kate Wiles and Dick Woodruff

Supporter $10 - 49
Maria Andrade
Carol Antezena
Elizabeth Bartlett
Natalie Berning
Danielle Bierzynski
J. Carrier
Katherine Casey
Ellen Cornett
Amy Dawson
Sasha Douglas
Alexis Economides
Abby Frantangelo
Robert Gerrity
Cooper Hardy
Brian Huseman
Natalie Jackson
Gretta Martinez
Kathleen McDermott
Katherine McGraw
Kadeem Morris
Rebecca Mousseau
Jennifer Moya
Dominique Munoz
Zia Palmer
Miguel Perez
Marie Pfaff
Sarah Richman
Camille Roche
Jennifer Rokoski
Martin Rundle
Keith Schomig
Junko Sugimoto
Lois Swanson
Susan Taylor
Erin Tusell
Lindsey Walter
Carol Wolosky